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Do Supplements Help Your Immune System?

Series 4

Subject: Do Supplements Multi -Vitamins Help Your Immune System?


In yesterday’s blog/email, we looked at some specific

foods that boost your immune system.

Today, we’ll take a peek at those ubiquitous

over-the-counter supplements and whether or not

they actually help your immune system.

The best way to get immunity-boosting vitamins

and nutrients is to get them directly from your


Your body is designed to get these nutrients

straight from the source and over-the-counter

supplements aren’t going to give you the same


You’ve all seen those “immune-boosting” supplements

that claim to be able to ward off the common cold

or flu.

But do they actually do anything at all?

“Unfortunately, the reality is that those kinds

of products aren’t really offering you any benefit,”

says Michael Starnbach, a professor of microbiology

at Harvard Medical School.

“The immune system is very finely tuned…. If there

were a wholesale boost to the immune system, it

could trigger autoimmunity and other problems.”

Products that say they’ll boost or support your

immune system usually fall into one of two categories:

vitamin supplements or probiotics.

While both do have a role in your immune system, you

can far more easily (and less expensively!) obtain all

you need from your diet.

“Vitamins can help ward off disease and other health

problems,” says Starnbach, “but only in people

who are severely malnourished – something that’s

not true of the average American adult.” Multi-Vitamin

supplements will do little for you if you’re

already eating a healthy diet.

And as for probiotics, sure you need healthy

bacteria in your gut to help your bodywork

properly, but there’s really no evidence that

taking extra supplements is helpful at all.

You can get all the probiotics you need by eating

fermented foods like yogurt or sauerkraut.

Kombucha is fantastic and great for gut flora,

So if there’s no magic OTC pill or potion that

boosts your immune system, what else can you do?

Introduce foods such as Garlic -Ginger - Chilli -

Fruits -berries High

in antioxidants natural Vitamins

“Differences between people who rarely get sick

and those who are sick all the time may have more

to do with habits than immune function,” says


I have never been into multi Vitamins for the stated reasons,

Individual supplements may be necessary,

for various conditions ,

Here are some tips that do help:

•Wash Your Hands: While some germs are airborne, more

often than not they get into your system through

touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth) with

contaminated hands.

•Stay in Shape: Eating a healthy diet, exercising

regularly, and getting enough sleep are key points

for a healthy immune system.

•Manage Stress: Learn healthy ways to lower your

stress levels and your immune system will bounce

right back.

•Eat healthy “teach” the immune

system to recognize dangerous invaders like flu,

pneumonia and shingles. There’s just no reason

not to get them.

Until next time,

Marie Jane Lewin

The Beauty Alchemist


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