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We are the ones, our Souls have been waiting for !

We teach people how to treat us, never accept, liars, cheaters, wannabe players,

the pressure for perfection in the eyes of someone else,

The behaviour of another, that steals your morality your values,

Your sense of self,

Do not be dazzled by the sparkle of empty promises and words, cars, and money,

the price you pay may be your soul,

Only to be traded for a newer younger model,

If you seek love, be love, nurture that which you seek in yourself first,

Be strongly empowered,

We are a Tribe we are running with the wind, burning as the fire,

We are the ones, our Souls have been waiting for -

Waiting for us to stand in the power of who we really are ,

Where we would no longer hold the density of pain & thoughtless cruel words that cut deeper than any knife could where others opinions and judgments no longer have a hold in any form,

when everything had been shed and fallen away, to reveal a new version the true version of YOU

And Nothing or no one could hold you back - hold you down.

We are standing together strong beautiful and free,

we are the mother's,

Grand mother's, Sisters, Daughters -

We are grounded in our Mother Earth's vibration, imprinted with Universal knowledge,

We are a Tribe connecting reaching teaching, healing standing together around the world,

growing stronger every day and yes if you can't handle us then you better

get out of our way

-We will make NO apologies Not now Not EVER again!

Marie Jane Lewin.

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