spa ediquette

Please note MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED inside clinic /spa area .INFARED equipment is used. Your Mobile phone Must be Turned completely OFF  or left in your car .

Your Treatment may /will be terminated  with no refund for

non compliance 

To maintain our High level of customer experience  Body Soul EMPORIUM 

ask that you consider the following outlined requirements when attending our Clinic

  • Management reserve the right to refuse to perform treatments on clients. 

  • .Our highly qualified & extensively trained staff are professional, courteous, and respectful and we expect our clients to be the same.

  • minimum of  24 hr cancellation notice for members 

  •  48hrs for promotional Vouchers.

  •     A $50 rebooking fee will apply.

  • Children under 15 years are not permitted in the clinic -

  • if you have booked a treatment please make alternative arrangements.


JET SPA /Hydro Therapy 

Our Spa Capsule is located on the Ground Floor in a beautiful Egyptian & Tibetan inspired room.

Please note there are size and weight restrictions for the capsule max 120kgs and 70cm circumference.

  • . Disposable underwear is provided for all 1 of spa treatments and must be worn -if you are having a spa you may bring your own swimwear please ask staff before booking a session.

  • Spa packages will be supplied with 1 pair disposable/washable pair any more issued will be charged $3 per pair.

  • Please use gowns provided if you need to go outside of the treatment area. 

  • Mobile phone must be switched of before entering the treatment area - photos are not permitted. 

  • If You have had a major operation within a 3 month period you may not be able to have body treatments.

  •  Generally, a Doctors letter will be required, it will greatly depend on the type of operation you have undergone, give us a call we'll be happy to go through the options with you.


  • If you are pregnant in your first or last trimester you cannot have any type of body treatment & congratulations!

We also do not cater to pregnancy massage.


Treatment Rooms  - Beauty and Massage 

  • Our Beauty and Massage rooms are located on the first floor and will require you to walk up a flight of stairs. Please consider this when making bookings

  • If you have any type of injury that inhibits you from climbing stairs, a doctor's letter may be required 



  • Clients must shower before attending our clinics for any spa treatment.

Clients that have their period (menstruation) cannot have any spa treatments.-or waxing in the bikini area.


We promise you will feel pampered and rejuvenated -see You soon !

Ancient Healing For a Modern World