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Exclusive European styled  treatments
Ancient Clay Therapy 

Spa Jet Health Capsule 

Become one with Water



















The Dermalife spa jet capsule allows us to offer you ancient known treatments to the modern world's problems and illnesses. The variety of the capsule features makes it possible to provide each of our patient’s individualized care, taking into account your wishes and personal features.


A distinctive feature is the Hydro-fusion therapy, which is represented by a combination of hydrotherapy techniques, such as steam, fog, spa therapy (Vichy shower with a radius of 360 °), underwater massage, and hypothermia – due to vaporization of infrared radiation. Derma life capsule significantly increases the effectiveness of any skincare product. Gives Excellent results in weight regulation, anti-cellulite, and lymphatic drainage. Integrated therapy significantly increases the effectiveness of any beauty tools, and increases the effectiveness of masks, body wraps, etc. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be added to the system as hydro-fog, in this case, the nutrients are dissolved in the treatment fog effect on the skin and the whole body.


Hydro-fusion is an exceptional technological breakthrough that creates single blended energy from infrared heat and steam.

Hydro-fusion optimizes skin cleansing and detoxification, resulting in more balanced, hydrated skin and increased nutrient absorption from skin care products.

The secret behind Hydro-fusion: infrared heats the body causing the skin to perspire. The moisture cannot vaporize in the moist steam environment, thus forming a protective layer on the body surface. This condensation layer is absorbed back into the skin, increasing oxygen supply to the bloodstream and tissues leaving skin soft, supple, and rejuvenated.


• deeply hydrates the skin
• Facilitates detoxification
• Facilitates product absorption


Spa-Jet features comforting infrared heat that is the same frequency level as our own body heat. The infrared waves are invisible to the eye and penetrate deep into skin layers, creating 2-3 times more perspiration at lower temperatures than hot air.


Infrared general effects

• Increases blood and lymphatic circulations
• Increases metabolism
• Facilitates cellulite reduction programs
• Soothes muscle aches and pains
• Facilitates detoxification


Water System


Built Vichy shower is equipped with 10 Vichy shower jets from the exceptional 360-degree water system. An important element of the system is a thermostat-regulated mixer that allows you to manually install and maintain a comfortable water temperature. Built Vichy shower can be used as one of the procedures during the spa care, and independently, which significantly extends the capabilities of the capsule as a basic element of the wellness center or spa salon.


Tropical Rain 


Two mist diffusers provide complete, even dispersal of liquid Oxygen-magnesium- vitamins or other ingredients that are sprayed in the capsule as mist. The envelope of minerals will nourish clients’ skin as they savor the pampering treatment.


Hot/Cold Water Programs
Sebastian Kneipp, the infamous inventor, and passionate hydrotherapy pioneer promoted and taught hot and cold water use known as the Scottish shower. Benefits of this innovative water program included improved blood circulation, skin and body detoxification, as well as soothing and invigorating the body. These procedures have become a favorite hydrotherapy choice at many exclusive and high-end spas.


Spa-Jet programs transform this simple hydrotherapy experience into an exhilarating, sophisticated indulgence. Combine the alternating hot and cold water program with body wraps or other skincare products to stimulate, invigorate and soothe clients with various ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, or accelerating injury healing.


Vibratory Massage 
The ergonomically designed bed features a patented vibratory system with adjustable rhythms. Vibration can be delicate or intense for relaxing or stimulating programs. Vibratory massage provides muscle relaxation, relief of minor aches and pains, and improves local blood circulation.


Spa-Jets herbal aromatherapy ensures optimal, deep relaxation while stimulating the sense of smell and herbal extract absorption into the skin. Soothing essential oils and herbs can be combined for a unique, customized experience.



Our Spa-Jet uses Color Bath digital lighting technology (LED). These strategically placed Chromotherapy LED blanket the whole body in atmospheric colored light. Chromotherapy generates a rich variety of mood-enhancing programs, leaving patients in a state of harmony and balance.




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