Bio Rewind Therapy the Future

Hi welcome to the first of my Blogs the first being an introduction of "Bio Rewind Therapy treatments" Which I have developed over 30 years of research and development in essence "Bio Rewind therapy " is the application and treatment for various conditions using organic "super Bio Blends in combinations with other elements applied to the body for which the applications are endless and I believe using the techniques are game changers we have some of the most advanced NATURAL & ORGANIC treatments for various skin conditions - calcification - Varicose veins - infection - around Anti - Ageing - Acne -post operative & post injury - treating elite athletes , to the General public .

The Treating of Varicose Veins - While the world has spent time duplicating nature for healing various ailments synthesizing and isolating elements of plant cells with success the treatments in some cases are no longer effective as the body builds up resistance to medications like penicillin and in some cases the body can radically reject them causing allergic reactions - coming back to nature and using a combination of plant cell - minerals - Oxygen therapy -

creating "Super Bio Active Blends"' all singly have their own properties - when combined in a certain way become a 'Super Bio Organic Program " that has the ability to accelerate healing in the body with no down time or pain , working in synergy with the body and natures bounty .

The use of Clays sourced from all over the world are an integral part of the treatment as they contain Ionic charges which blended in the correct way will provide a natural current into the body while further imparting their mineral properties along with the "Bio Program"" and drawing out free radicals

( I will post more about Ancient Clay therapy)

Man aged late 30's

Presented with excessive

Varicose Veins - note the legs in General were covered in Varicose veins in Various stages of degeneration making the legs appear red and angry .

The "black area is actually a group of veins that had died and were still below the surface of the skin - the client also had a tear and bruising under the knee further escalation of the damaged veins causing delayed healing .

After 1 treatment .

note the leg has returned to a healthy color the surface Veins have receded - by using the

"Bio Rewind Therapy "

Added much needed oxygen Vitamin C and a special Botanical infusion into the legs held topically and inside will remain in the area suspended in nano spheres of the "Super Bio Blend" blend imparting slowly as the body requires it .The results are instant painless and ongoing- it is recommend around 2 - 6 treatments for Varicose Veins depending on the area and severity small veins respond quickly .

the use of "Bio rewind therapy can be beneficial as an natural holistic pain free alternative .

developed written by Marie Jane a cutting edge expert and Visionary in the field of

Organics & Bio Organic-Botanical Stem cell Therapy (tm) combined with Ancient Clay Therapy .

Cosmetologist , Alchemist, currently studying molecular Biology and Genetics .

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