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5 things |You should know before having a Facial

These days with so many beauty clinics /Day Spa's the choice of where to go to can be overwhelming and a little scary .

You mention the word facial and everyone has a horror story and I see this every week from clients who have gone somewhere to have a facial only to end up with chemical burns - pimples

& Milia that they didn't have before .So for a standard facial involving a Cleanse - exfoliation & mask followed by creams and serums what should you expect ?

Number 1 .Does Your Therapist know what she's doing ?

Therapist Have different levels of training and knowledge & care factor .

Your therapist should ask you, what it is the result you want to achieve and be able to identify your skin type - also if you have allergies or sensitivities ?

The best way is find someone who has been recommended by someone you know & you have seen a positive improvement in their skin . Healthy skin is plump radiant with smooth pores .

Don't be afraid to ask questions - after all you have to wear the consequences .

Number 2. Why did I get a breakout ?

You should not get pimples- Milia or breakouts after a facial if it wasn't a pre-existing condition.

Causes: This can be many reasons the main one is usually cross contamination & inferior products.

If Your therapist tells you -Your skin will get worse before it gets better from a basic Facial -run !

Therapists using the SAME water to cleanse & exfoliate your skin, if you see this ask the therapist for fresh clean water, for each stage of the treatment or stop the treatment .

Number 3. Should this be burning my skin ?

The answer is NO !

For a general Facial or deep pore facial you may feel tingling with the actives they use .

If it is burning tell the therapist to take it off immediately.

With the thousand of synthetic chemicals being used today You may react quite dramatically or not at all - trust that You know what feels good on Your skin.

ACID peels will burn and I don't advocate this type of facial at all in over 35 years of beauty therapy I have never seen an improvement in the skin from these types of treatments .

I'm seeing chemical burns on too many people - every week that we have to repair - if you are given a voucher for somewhere you havn't been or recommended and are in doubt swap it for a massage instead .

Number 4. Should my skin be red after a facial ?

Yes & no

Usually after a facial there may be a slightly flushed appearance to the skin depending on the depth of the facial and products used - Masks which are applied generally have a drawing & tightening effect to pull out impurities and encourage new blood to the area and imparting nutrients into the skin, whilst there are literally thousand of different masks (I would always opt for clay based) the redness, should really start to dissipate on standing and you may have a flushed appearance for a few hours .Your skin should not feel swollen or sore - and it should appear plumped & hydrated and feel clean .

Number 5. Tips for Home care what do You need to do ?

Never feel pressured into buying skincare especially if it hasn't been used on you in the treatment.

If everything has gone well and you happy with the initial results .

-Avoid make up for at least 12 hours 24 is better .

-Change your pillow case - for a clean one , You don't want to be putting bacteria back into your skin .

- Tip- Saturn pillow cases are best especially as we age they are less taxing on the skin while You sleep and great for Your hair to buff it shiny while you sleep .

- Clean your phone You would be amazed at the amount of contaminants on a phone .

If you would like to get more tips about Your skin stay tuned ! Facebook us .

Visit our website or

Love peace & great skin till next Time - Remember True beauty comes from within - and never fades .xo MJ

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