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The Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits +bonus smoothie recipe!

The Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits

In a nutshell, a healthy diet involves:

(1) More home-cooked food, less eating out.

(2) More fresh fruit as snacks.

(3) More fresh vegetables as snacks and with meals.

(4) More beans as sides or in stews.

(5) More dense chewy bread, less refined white bread, and bread snacks. (Avoid altogether if you can)

(6) Protein is essential for the entire body especially muscle growth hemp seeds are a great source of protein and omegas 3,6,9 a Desert spoon = a 200grm steak in protein.

(7) Smaller servings of red meat, larger servings of vegetables.

(8) Eating low-fat tofu. recommend vegetarian alternatives to dairy

(9) Adding less fat in the form of butter, mayo, sour cream, to the food on your plate. This is a huge source of excessive calories. (tip) Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking.

(10) Stocking up with healthy snack foods to keep hunger at bay. If you fill up with healthy nutritious calories, you won't want the junk foods that hunger makes you eat. As far as weight management goes, hunger remains Public Enemy Number One.

Bonus smoothie High in protein -Omegas - Antioxidants

- Filling and Delicious Fantastic for Your skin!

And here's a Bonus Tip !

Use Frozen Fruit as it makes your body burn MORE calories!

Mis en place


1 banana

2 tablespoons of almond meal

1 LSA mix (optional)

1 dessertspoon of Hempseed powder

250 1 cup grams frozen raspberries

1cup organic apple juice

1/2 cup of Ice

blend till smooth and drink - sooo delicious and nutritious !

You are welcome stay tuned for more awesome tips & recipes!

"The Beauty Alchemist "

Author -Visionary for change, R&D Epigenetics organic formulations, Empowerment speaker



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