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Our Founder & Creator

about us 

The driving force behind us 

Body Soul EMPORIUM & Earth's Answer 

are the only Day Spa & Organic Beauty Body Store to offer refill options for our products synonymous with Animal &  Planet preservation by aligning with local and global.

organizations to increase global awareness of Animal & environmental conservation

 Animal Rescue


OUR FOUNDER Master Alchemist Author and leader in Transdermal Formulations 

Marie Lewin 

Everything we manufacture  or sell Has multiple uses -All must be safe and have amazing results -whether its skincare to bath bombs 

We make and sell the most Amazing High-Grade Beautiful Artisan Skin & Body products No fillers or artificial colors are used - Many of our products are Ancient recipes leading back to Ancient Egyptian.

 The Founder has been"developing amazing products for over 30 years  -" I LOVE our planet and it's Animals  that's why Earth's Answer and later Body Soul EMPORIUM was Born to find a Way to bring earth's

 healing gifts to people and generate income to then give back to the earth"


it must be a synergy in all things, I've devoted my life to -

Animal rescue -rehabilitation and planet preservation now going over 30 years -

The Formulations -Treatments, and products are all Based in Ancient Therapy -Earth Medicine

combined with Leading Edge Formulations 

with Results for regeneration in all areas unparalleled.


We must seek to find a balance a harmony to protect our planet - Animals - our children yet to be born ".

Marie Jane has become a renowned speaker both on TV and at Wellness Expos. 

EARTH'S GLOBAL.TV a Youtube Lifestyle channel

has begun filming.

Marie Jane Lewin 

LEADERS in ORGANIC & ANCIENT CLAY THERAPY for  Dermal & Body Rejuvenation


Marie Jane  pictured with No 1 Cosmetic Doctor in the World  -Dr Patrick  Treacy  - who has contributed chapters in her upcoming book
"the power of finding beauty"

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