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Earths answer Muscle Balm -Another Amazing Muscular skeletal Bio program for the inflammation-any type of bone or muscular can be used as a chest rub due to the Highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory immune boosting extracts.

 developed by Earth's Answer 60rgm jar. Calendula,M Chamomile, Comfrey ,F  A.Lavender ,

Magnesium Oil Plus is the gold standard and Most advanced Bio Progam in the world for rapidly restoring cellular a powerful anti-inflammatory & antispasmodics our Magnesium Oil -- this amazing Nano program containing Molecular oxygen to aid quicker relief and recovery.

This power-packed Bio Program will ease inflammation and muscular distress quickly A concentrated transdermal magnesium mineral supplement, with molecular oxygen M02 

long-lasting .us first and add  Earths Answer balm after for  relief  of deeper pain and post-injury  care 

Exclusive to  Body Soul Emporium. 125ml spray  6ogrm balm 

Muscle Relief pack Balm & Mag spray

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    leaders in organic therapy ! 

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