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Tightens HYDRATES -tightens and tones -Formulated for All skin types including- Psoriasis - dermatitis - eczema from the neck down especially for the body supreme instant hydration quick easy to use in one sweep over the skin melts on contact -
available in Vita C packed full of anti-oxidants anti-inflammatory - relieve dry irritated skin caused -   assists in keeping your skin free of irritation & redness caused by these conditions - clients report -instant and ongoing relief comes in easy to use pods -

Dermal Body Butter Pod

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  • I have used the clay bars and body butter pods to control my psoriasis. Also used the skin care which removed scars, age spots and fine lines on my face and tightened my sagging skin on my neck. . Thanks for developing such great products. Gerry S age 60 

  • these dermal body butter pods are designed to provide a protective layer over the skin sealing in hydration whilst infusing ingredients known for  - healing - natural antiflammitorys -anto oxidant -soothing properties - reducing scarring - hydrating in to the dermal layers .They are a breakthrough formulation  in both design - effecitivness   & ease of use 

leaders in organic therapy ! 

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