The beauty treatments and procedures that many of us are enjoying nowadays are in fact inspired or derived from the practices of the old Egyptian civilization.honey and Goat milk is a humectant, it can attract and maintain water, keeping your skin well-hydrated. This luxurious silky Bar with pure raw extracted honey comb and finished of with Raw honeycomb sliver on top finished of with Gold mica will leave your skin feeling and looking gorgeously hydrated .MD Favorite 
Based and formulated on over a thousand year old recipe .

Ancient Egyptian Raw Honeycomb

  • You must have heard of how AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is important in exfoliating your skin. In fact, if you look at the ingredients of many skin products sold in the market today, you will realize that majority of them contain AHA. Queen Cleopatra, the epitome of beauty even up to the present, used AHA through milk baths to keep her skin soft and smooth as ever. It is a common misconception that AHA is a synthetic ingredient. In reality, however, this substance is naturally found in milk and other citrus fruits.

  • Body soul Emporium are the Leaders in Ancient Clay & Organic Therapy - Ancient Clay therapy  are availible at our Exclusive Organic Day Spa & Rejuvenation Clinic - Signature Facials and body wrapp incorporated in Spa therapy for Ultimate indulgance .bookings can be made on our treatment page.

leaders in organic therapy ! 

"Ancient healing for a Modern World"
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We are  Exclusive stockists of  Advanced ECO Natural & Organic  Skin & Body products & Treatments in Australia.

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