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10 Spa treatments plus 2 bonus double session !

12 programs to choose from Deep Tissue- pain  & inflammation reduction - Relax -detox-Weight loss - Pamper - stress reduction & More!

 Lymphatic drainage is also a major benefit of this awesome treatment.

Cellulite Reduction • Detoxification & Purification • Skin Cleansing, Toning & Rejuvenation • Relaxation • Muscle & Joint Relief -Deep tissue • Slimming & Contouring. BONUS Gift Bag.

Detoxing - toning - tightening and hydrating your skin building Muscle developing Muscle tone - You will develop Core strength! - You will feel amazing - no downtime - 10 fitness levels a bonus Tightens and tones. 

The program sessions in the chamber vary  program chosen, allowing for hour


2 piece bathers for women and boardshorts for men are required. Disposables are available for $3 extra

This is a specialized machine with elements designed  and exclusive to BSE.



Spa 10 Pack

AU$1,400.00 Regular Price
AU$880.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

    leaders in organic therapy ! 

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