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Instant Renewal & Radiance -Consultation Instant radiance( your therapist will advise for best results )  - organic facial -Deep double  Cleanse - rebalancing  the PH levels 

 Diamond Dermabrasion  to remove an allow for deeper celluar absobsion

Mask - 20 min LED MASK that stimulates biological activity deep in the dermal layers creating firming -lifting & tightening creating a youthful appearance -Pore Refining.Revive fillers,


Followed by deep  Hydration infusion   - Super Organic Rose &  Hyaluronic to plump super-boost cell integrity plumping lifting giving instant lift volume & radiance. - brighten skin nutrient-rich. 90 mins treatment due to the rareness of these SUPER ORGANIC BLENDS,  180min treatment. Perfect for brides. Include face -neck & decolletage. 

Egyptian Rose Oxygen Mini BRT

AU$420.00 Regular Price
AU$199.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

    leaders in organic therapy ! 

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